I started running after having my 3rd child.  I knew I needed to do something for myself that put me in the right direction towards physical and mental health, and my basketball career was not getting any younger!  As my daughter (middle child!) has grown into a pre-teen I am realizing that I'm also doing it for her.  It's really important for her to see me running to be fit, happy and healthy!  When I started out I had never done more than 10k (and that was a LOT!).  I discovered that if you just keep putting one foot in front of the other, and you gradually add distance to your training, that you are capable of ANYTHING!  I ran my first (and only?) Marathon last fall after turning 40, and although I wasn't super fast and didn't qualify for this or that (hem hem Boston) that I completed the race with few problems but a whole lot of pride!!!  You can do it!